Galbi Korean Fusion Barbeque

Galbi is a brand new concept based on your Korean barbeque.  Each table is kitted out with its very own table barbeque. Customers get the opportunity to grill the food themselves at the table, whilst socialising with friends and family. The experience is fun and interactive.

This dining experience is based on the Korean barbeque concept, and can offer you a Korean experience with dishes such as Kimchi, KimchiJiggae, Bibimbab and Naengmyoung. (Traditional Korean drinks like Soju and Makoli are also available in abundance..).

South African palates are also catered for with dishes such as Rump, Fillet with Prosciutto and sundried tomato pesto, kudu, ostrich, and warthog.

Visit us at 210onlong mall, 210 Long street, Cape Town. Ph: +27 21 434 2020 or

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  1. dynowatt Says:

    You ought to really moderate the comments listed here

  2. Keri Says:

    The phone number listed is for the Sea Point Fire Station. I want to know the cost of dolsot bibimbap (gogi opseyo) and a bottle of Jinro soju.

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