Love on Long

Coffee, cupcakes, wraps, burgers, sarmies and more!! Delicious Deluxe Coffeeworks coffee teamed up a choice of breakfast (served ALL DAY), our menu also includes wraps filled with an array of tasty fillings – choice of meat, chicken and vegetarian, as well as sarmies, salads and burgers! and for your sweet satisfaction we have freshly baked muffins and mouth-watering cupcakes!

4 Responses to “Love on Long”

  1. Linda Says:

    Do any one know about the electricity that caused a stir at the love on long coffee shop 210 on long

  2. Jan Wical Says:

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  3. C.C.Fraud Says:

    Woke up here in the USA this morning to find out I had apparently had a wonderful….and I mean WONDERFUL time at this place!
    According to a recent transaction on my credit card I had spent almost $1000 here yesterday……
    ONLY I’ve never been to Africa and i certainly didn’t spend any money here!
    Thanks for the fraudulent transactions on my credit card.

  4. torbeB Says:

    I love US and food from the US. Specially the breakfast and a big cup of coffee :)

    See you next time in US when the let me in heheheh

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